Boring Money – Extinction Rebellion and Responsible Asset Owners – we cannot go on the way we are.

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Yesterday I was lucky to see the best of institutional and retail financial services.

In Church House, the seat of the Church of England, I saw institutional investors and asset owners renounce green-washing and embrace responsible – impactful -investment with religious zeal.

In County Hall , once the seat of London’s Government, I heard Boring Money’s stellar array of speakers talk of new ways to turn us back on to saving for our futures.

And between them – and best of all – I saw London at one with Extinction Rebellion who danced sang and chanted as I made my way back and forth accross the Thames.

What of course united all three experiences was the universal realisation that something has to change, and that the way we manage our money is part of that change.

I’d like to thank Adrienne Lawlor and Holly McKay for making their conferences highlights of the Autumn, and I’d like to thank all those who are protesting for making it absolutely clear that we cannot go on the way we are.

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