TPR moves on climate change

Keeping the world fit for its inhabitants is not something for other people to do, it is our job – all of our jobs. So it is entirely proper for the Pensions Regulator to make the sustainability of our planet’s eco-system part of their regulatory function.

I was sceptical about tPR’s commitment to this until I heard this excellent presentation at Minerva Manifest’s excellent workshop on ESG. The workshop came days before an important report on the changing attitudes of investment managers to Environmental Social and Governance issues.

There is currently a disconnect between what asset owners (you and me) want – (a cleaner planet) and what we do with our money. We simply don’t realise the power of our money to do good and allow it to sit in investment funds with no clear guidance to our managers about how we want it invested and how those investments be governed.

But when it is put to us that we have the power to vote the shares we own, at least by choosing the people who manage our money, many of us get very excited. Just watch this video to see.


Hopefully, it will not be long before we see investing as part of our business as usual social responsibility, like putting the glass in the glass box and the plastic in the plastic tub.

But to get us there we need politicians and regulators to make it happen. So please read through the presentation and have a think about it!

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