“Out of office” for ever?

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How can I afford to go on holiday for the rest of my life?

It’s an awkward question that most of us put off till it’s too late. It’s why there’s all this talk of pension dashboards, the Government wants us to think more about retiring.

The trouble is we find it hard to get the information we need and even if we have the information, it’s hard to make sense of it. Even if we want  to make plans, we don’t get a lot of help.

94% of us don’t have a financial adviser and only about one in ten of us use the Government’s offer of free financial guidance from PensionWise. We aren’t good at getting help!

And we’re losing out, experts reckon there’s £20bn. of unclaimed pension money sloshing around our financial system. Things are getting worse, by 2050 the Government think there could be 50 million abandoned pension pots.

Something’s got to be done to help ordinary people organise their retirement money and make the most of their savings. People want to be told the truth, not the truth dressed up to suit.keep them

That’s why we started AgeWage

AgeWage is set up to help millions of savers find their pensions, organise their money and spend it. We’re not here to tell people off for not saving enough , we’re about giving people practical help with what economist called “the nastiest hardest problem in finance!

What we do is get data from the people who manage your money, we use this data to tell you useful things – how much you’ve saved, how your savings have done and how you can organise your savings for the future so you can spend them with confidence.

Depending on what interests you, we’ll answer other questions like “how much am I paying for pensions”, “how green is my pension” or “how can I bring all my pots together”

We will give you this information to your phone or – if you prefer – to your computer.

One of our advisers said the AGE stands for “assist-guide-equip”, we aim to get people “retirement ready” if that makes sense.

We won’t charge you for doing this , you pay quite enough for pensions as it is! The people who manage your money want to pay us to give you this support and the Government is supporting and helping us.

What are we doing?

We are raising quite a lot of money, a couple of million quid to be exact. We’re doing this from lot’s or ordinary people – not just from financiers. We’ll spend the money on the kind of digital things that turns Fintech into Pentech. But we’re also setting up support so you can speak with people who do know about pensions.

We’re setting up the deals with the people who look after your pension money so that you can see AgeWage scores on the stuff they send you each year.

And we’re going to spend some time in something called the FCA sandbox, where we’ll be working out how to best show you your information.

Why am I telling you about this?

We want AgeWage to become a household word which you think about when you start worrying about the future. We don’t want to sell you investments, tell you to save more or charge you hidden fees on what you’ve got.

We’d like you to know where we’re coming from and what we’re up to. If you want a piece of the action, we’ve worked out a way for you to invest in a clever way. If you fancy yourself a pension expert and have some time on your hands, perhaps you’d like to join our support team.

If you want to find out more – email henry@agewage.com

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