The wheels of the law turn (too) slowly


The authentic voice of an outraged woman.

We need a justice system in this country that is effective and – when it comes to offshore pension scams – we just don’t have one.

So long as criminals know that they can escape with pathetically small punishments, they will have no incentive to stop. Indeed, where punishments are so weak, new criminals will be attracted to pension scamming as a low risk are in which to invest their talent for deception.

It is not enough for onshore pension people to stand by with embarrassed smiles or feigned concern. The people being scammed are on our watch. Sue Flood worked for the BBC, Mr N was and is a policeman in Northumbria. These are the people we are supposed to be protecting – the Pensions Regulator has a statutory objective to do just that.

So when we see the outcomes of these investigations being a ban on “trusteeship” and when we see some of the master scammers, living off the proceeds of crime without any intervention from the criminal justice system – then we should be shocked and outraged.

Instead – we label Angie Brooks and her team as disruptive, as if disruption wasn’t needed.

I and Andy Agethangelou and the Transparency Task Force do stand up for Angie and for the victims of crime.

We do not hold with the time taken to bring criminals to justice , nor the pathetically weak measures used to protect others from their wiles.

We call on Project Bloom and all involved with the prevention of scamming to support Angie Brooks and her team and to follow up on the cases highlighted on

It is simply not good enough for millions to be spent on adverts with so little in the way of deterrence from the criminal justice system.

Yes – resources are tight

Yes – this is a highly technical and resource-heavy area of policing

But we need to get rid of the very small group of people who’s names recur again and again in these scams.

If we don’t – then not only do people lose confidence in pensions, but they lose confidence in the people who regulate them.

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