Reach out and touch – success is a state of mind!


Yesterday the FT published an article with a headline many predicted we’d never read again.

“FTSE 100-backed pension schemes move from shortfall to surplus”

About the time the article was published I received a mail from someone who turned out to be the chair of trustees of one of these FTSE 100 schemes. Ostensibly this was about catching up with a mutual contact but it soon turned out that said trustee wanted a chat about his frustrations.

He was fed up with demanding money from his sponsor to plug what he considered a spurious pension scheme deficit, fed up with artificial funding targets that set the solvency bar ever higher and fed up with investing money into bonds at the wrong time.

I am not an expert in funding, but I know enough to sympathise. Apparantly he’d read one of my blogs (probably a FABI one) and felt like I’d provide a shoulder to cry on.

Need a shoulder to cry on?

First Actuarial provides a shoulder for frustrated trustees to cry on if you are

  1. An actuary fed up with working on “project fear”
  2. A trustee fed up with demanding money from sponsors, only to pour it down the drain
  3. A sponsor trying to run a business but being constantly harassed by actuaries and trustees.

We also provide shoulders to Financial Economists who have seen the error of their ways, Pension Regulators (ditto) and to the investment consultants struggling to come to terms with being regulated by the FCA.

Need a port in the twitter-storm?

If you find your timeline intruded by Financial Economists or their Bots, then tweet to @firstactuarial or @henryhtapper using #FABI.

We’ll calm the raging waters created by gilt plus valuations by smoothing your funding position using the ideas behind the First Actuarial Best Estimates Index ( #FABI).

We’ll call you and provide you with the love you need and deserve  – explaining how to avoid Financial Economists and their pernicious dictats!

We’ll speak with you with the tenderness that you need , having been brutalised by pensions these past ten years.

Reach out and touch!

You know that nothing worthwhile is ever achieved without taking on good risk. Reach out and touch the spirit of First Actuarial, a spirit of endeavour that sees “going for it” as good and “risk free” as a luxury your scheme and sponsor can probably not afford.

We’re entrepreneurs, we’re still in start up mode (though 300 strong with a £20m turnover). We disrupt Neanderthal thinking and encourage our people to think for themselves.

So if you are the Chairman of a FTSE 100 backed pension scheme or the humblest workplace pension scheme – reach out! We’re here to make pensions work and restore people’s confidence in their retirement planning!

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Founder of the Pension PlayPen,, partner of Stella, father of Olly . I am the Pension Plowman
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  1. George Kirrin says:

    A bit bold to end there with the neon Confederate flag cover from one of Glasgow band Primal Scream’s albums, Henry?

    Or is that just more of your rebellious nature showing?

    Doubly appropriate.

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