When enough isn’t enough – thoughts on #NoCapitulation

No capitulation

Is the USS really in crisis?

I was disappointed to read that the University strike isn’t over. But it isn’t and Jo Cumbo hits the nail  on the head.

By going against their Union’s recommendation, the lecturers now have to find a position which through some kind of collective process. And people who had previously no knowledge of how pensions work, are having to get up to speed with the arguments for and against.

as Rebecca goes on to say

Rebecca – read Dennis Leech’s blog

I wish I had the time, energy and wit to bring together in one short and easy to read article, a proper argument that refutes what John Ralfe is saying. If Rebecca or any other lecturer, wants to understand the “other side of the argument”, then I can point them to the excellent work of Mike Otsuka on this blog. I have written myself, but not as well.

However there is one article that has been published on my blog for some time, that has been read by many thousands of lecturers that meets Rebecca’s requirements. It was written by Dennis Leech and can be found here.


When I wrote yesterday morning that the UCU/UUK agreement could see the end of the strike, I had to change “should” to “could” , when I saw the weight of opinion behind the “no capitulation” hashtag.

I spent the day at Cheltenham (lucky me) and have just seen Dennis’ comment on my blog.

Dennis leech

Dennis is a sound judge, a lightening stick for the thinking of those around him. The UCU must now rethink its position, as must UUK. Sadly, the space afforded by the proposals put forward on Monday, is no longer there.

Meanwhile, the idealists among us , can enjoy four minutes of Bruce, getting carried away!

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