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Vote Salt in the elections for the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries Council. Tell those who know and trust you “Vote Salt”. Actuaries – if you’ve lost the link to your email,


This is why I would vote Salt, if I was clever and dedicated enough to be an actuary

I joined First Actuarial because of Hilary Salt. Despite her regularly referring to me as “her overhead”, I continue to hold her in her highest esteem. When she is wrong, she is wrong for the right reasons and when she’s right the light shines out.

  1. She is an actuary who says it like it is and whose moral compass is precisely set.
  2. She is funny, kind  and witty.
  3. She can articulate her ideas with a force and accuracy that comes from having a first class mind.
  4. She will not go on twitter.

Here is Salt in action

Hear Salt on professionalism from minute 2.45 on this video.

Hear Salt pitch for her position on council here

And in her own words read why she wants this job badly.


Hilary Salt’s Statement

I started my career in the insurance offices of the then Refuge Assurance. I qualified soon after moving to the then R Watson & Sons where I worked on a range of pension scheme trustee and employer clients. Following a sabbatical obtaining a degree in politics and modern history, I set up a business providing pensions training and advice, expert witness work and consultancy supporting the pensions mis-selling review.
In 2004, I and other colleagues set up First Actuarial where I now run the Manchester office and carry Board responsibility for Quality issues.
As well as traditional pensions consultancy including being a scheme actuary, I work with a number of member organisations providing policy advice and negotiating support.

Professional Work:

I am a member of the profession’s Pensions General Working Party which recently produced a lot of work on pensions freedoms including preparing presentations for the CHIPs seminars. I am a SQAR under the new QAS accreditation. I have presented at the annual pensions conference on a number of occasions.

Why I want to be a Council member:

To ordinary members, the way in which the IFoA’s strategy and policy is set seems opaque. My long experience with democratic member-led organisations gives me useful insights into ways in which democratic legitimacy can be sought and retained. Within any organisation, the challenges of representing diverse views can mean attempts to engage members are given up as too difficult. I would like to work with Council to find ways of reconnecting the Executive, Council and Committees of the profession with the membership.
There are a number of tensions within the profession – particularly between acting as a regulatory body to ensure quality within the profession, and representing the interests of members. Getting the balance between these is difficult and I believe Council could play a pro-active role working with the Executive to demonstrate to members that an appropriate balance is being struck.
In the wider world, the role of professionals is under significant pressure; their scope to exercise professional judgement is being restricted, they are mistrusted by the public and both professional bodies and professionals themselves are losing confidence in their ability to act autonomously. This has deleterious consequences for society as well as for professionals themselves. In these circumstances, I believe the IFoA and its members need to work internally and externally with other like-minded bodies to re-establish courageous, confident professionals who can drive society forwards.



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