Making auto-enrolment rather more fun! QTAC,tPR and Pension PlayPen by the sea


The business of learning is seldom made much fun, at least in adult circles. Children are more sensible about this and make games of education.

Recently, we’ve embarked on a round Britain road trip to talk about how auto-enrolment might work for the customers of QTAC, one of our leading payroll software suppliers.

Yesterday we reached Branksome Dene in Poole (though we thought we were in Bournemouth.

For those who came it was a wonderful experience.

Auto-enrolment and workplace pension plans are hard things to understand, we try to make them a little easier to get your head round by making our seminars rather more fun.IMG_0012

Of course you may prefer to learn in a boring place, without sun and without laughter. But why not learn jn a slightly different environment.


Our guests yesterday had the pleasure of our company and we of theirs, all in the pleasant confines of one of Britain’s quaintest seaside buildings


Would you expect anything less from the Pension PlayPen


If only all learning ended this way



For more fun packed auto-enrolment events – go to

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  1. andyjags says:

    Pensions are always fun at the seaside. Which is why many pensioners live there. And of course there is TPR in Brighton.

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