What to make of Workie?


The DWP Press Office twitter feed is a bit of a mess this morning

To quote the more printable. People are saying that spending money on “Workie” when austerity is biting isn’t such a great idea.

I’m not going there – we need auto-enrolment to work and the cuts being forced through the DWP benefits budget have nothing to do with semi-compulsory savings for retirement.

Ros Altmann helped design Workie and I dreamt up the phrase Pension PlayPen. I am not going to have a go at the Pension Minister for trivialising pensions

Will Workie become embedded into our national psyche in a way that the anodyne Stakeholder sheepdog didn’t? That depends on the rest of the campaign.

Is there a need to increase awareness of auto-enrolment among people who know nothing about workplace pensions? The answer is emphatically yes.

Ros Altmann is a smart cookie who knows what people like. Someone once said that nobody ever went bust underestimating the taste of the public.

So here she is in full lyrical mode

And as Josephine Cumbo points out, it’s not what the pension (or even the payroll) industry thinks about Workie that matters




Bottom line’s that love this creature or hate thus creature, this Workie is not going to be ignored.

Which is the point- isn’t it?


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  1. chris clifton says:

    Workie is not really my idea of a style to make people take a serious subject seriously; it will certainly get the industry talking though. Is Workie the final maturity phase of the Tribble from 1970’s Star Trek?
    What we really need to do is find a way of stopping George O wasting £40bln of our tax relief money on HS2.

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