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Shopkick ad in times square


This from linkedin this morning….I’d never heard of Shopkick till I pressed the link…


When Shopkick users open up the app, they want to shop — and brands and  retailers obviously have lots of things to sell them. It’s an ideal merger of  inclinations. Read more here


Internet marketing is a funny young business which looks the same as a funny old business called “shopping”.


The basket icon that appears whenever I’m in danger of spending money on the net, reminds me that I am doing nothing different than exchanging cash for potatoes at my local nisa.


The rules that surround the display of goods at my nisa are not complicated but they are effective, they ensure that I know what I’m buying, that it’s “in date” and I know what I’m paying.


Does it really have to be so much harder with pensions? Is it not just like this Shopkick business, a matter of opening up a convenience store that happens to be on the web rather than the high street (or more likely , if we’re talking pensions, some upmarket office suite?)


There are many who would argue I am an heretic from the true Church of Advice, but it seems to me that most of the true religion has moved on and can be easily found in a school hall as a Church.  Shopkick is just one of many ways that make shopping easy for me.


But if I want to buy a pension, I’m locked into a purchasing process that’s out of Life on Mars!  Infact the sales process for a retail pension has not changed since the day I started out in 1984!


So let’s not think it so hard to set up an online pensions showroom, nor a price comparison engine nor a shopping basket reminding employers that they actually have to buy products and services to run workplace pensions in precisely the same way as they buy stationary or office furniture.


It really isn’t that different, or any harder. Shopping for pensions, like any other shopping , is easiest conducted online as  is about to show.






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