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Statistical impact of the vaccines in the UK – Covid ARG

 Tim Cook and John Roberts for In December we published a bulletin validating the UK government’s vaccine priority order, and suggesting that 99% of deaths will be spared by vaccinating the first nine priority groups. We followed that up in … Continue reading

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How Soon Will We See the Benefits of the Vaccination Programme?

  By John Roberts for                                                                        … Continue reading

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Stay safe everyone – this is it.

Here’s the graphical evidence that we are now in uncharted times. Our estimate of R, based on admissions, is still around 1.3, with no indication yet of it lessening. It’s too early yet to judge whether the latest lockdown is … Continue reading

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Latest numbers on second wave from COVID-19 ARG

Latest thread covering COVID-19 admissions and deaths in English hospitals, with an updated R estimate. While the PHE dashboard hasn’t yet been updated, @NHSEngland data indicates 870 admissions today. https://t.co/xkI8zMNbmu — COVID-19 Actuaries Response Group (@COVID19actuary) October 20, 2020 Based … Continue reading

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Latest COVID-19 hospital admissions and deaths data for England

At a moment of heightened awareness and considerable confusion, it is useful to have the latest data on what is happening in England to hand. The COVID-19 actuaries have supplied this excellent thread for our better knowledge. Latest COVID-19 hospital … Continue reading

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Can the virus mutate? – Dan Ryan explores

                                                      http://covid-arg.com Tracking the mutation potential of SARS-CoV-2 COVID-19 Actuaries Response Group – Learn. … Continue reading

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October medical update from the C-19 actuaries

Monthly medical update – Issue 3 2 October 2020                                                                … Continue reading

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