What do you want in the King’s Speech Pension Bill?

Note to Steve (where’s the diversity?)


I’ve no idea what that crazy cat Steve Goddard has got planned for Pension PlayPen’s Coffee morning next Tuesday, but I seem to be a part of it. What do I want?

Better pensions – public sector – private sector – state.

Pensions that help Britain become a better place to live in , a planet that sustains us and the generations that follow us.

I’d like to see fairness and the end to pensioner poverty , a reform of pension credit and money committed to getting the state pension admin right

I’d like to see more risk-sharing , whether through CDC, SeLFIES, Capital Backed Journey Plans, Superfunds or master trusts. Less risk on the individual more risk shared across cohorts and generations, progressive taxation which redistributes to those with less opportunity.

But enough about my wish list – what about yours. This is going to be a free for all if my proposed colleagues show up and if you show up to

Register here 

Use this link to join.

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