The Thames is a wild and dangerous place this morning

The view from my front door this morning is of the current ripping round the cut to Romney Lock and back to Romney weir, 200 yards downstream. The weight of water flowing over the weir and through the twin archimedes screws that provide power to Windsor Castle behind is frightening.

Over the years we have lived here, there have been four fatalities from people swept down onto the hard concrete floor on the Eton College side of the weir.

Above me , the cormorants await in the trees, grimly anticipating disaster.

The cormorants were photographed last night at the end of a grim day of weather , brought to us by Storm Ciaran.

Later on, the skies cleared and the river became a glimmering pool of bright water below the magnificent Norman keep of the castle.

The water that powers the castle, gives a habitat for the cormorants and for the waterfowl who shelter from the current outside our house.

The river full of mud and the detritus of autumn’s defoliage.

Birds, struggling to maintain their position on the river as the current rips under them.

The river is a dangerous place this morning

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