A chance for pensions to help the CIPP and payroll – HELP PLEASE!

This blog reaches to all the people who do pensions but rely on payroll to do their heavy lifting! That’s about 100% of us then.

The CIPP has created a survey which they would like to share with pensions professionals (and payroll colleagues if pensions sit within their remit) to gather market research data, and they’ve asked me  and my  network to take part?

The survey is designed to collect views around appropriate content for an entry-level qualification in pensions administration.  The survey will take 15-20 minutes, is online and completely anonymous, unless participants wish to take part in the follow up focus groups.

I’ve done it – it was fun and it actually took less than 10 minutes. Please help our friends at CIPP and payroll in general.

We need more of them to understand pensions and we need to show a lot of gratitude for everything they do for us!

Access the survey via this link


Do it now – but if you do it later do it by 5pm on Thursday 25th May


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