The return of the Opp – pensions minister returns

Guy Opperman , after barely a day out of office, is back – though in a “caretaker” role for the DWP.  The Queen – rather than the Prime Minister is the boss.

The agenda is a new one – more general care taking for Therese Coffey than the very “eccentric” agenda on view as recently as Wednesday’s appearance at the Work and Pensions Select Committee.

What’s left of the pension agenda is heavyweight…

Maybe now is the time to force the pace on Superfunds, especially with John Glen out of the treasury?

And here is a rare insight into the relationship Opperman has with the “chief whip”. He will be helping out , doing the drudge on private member’s bill.

Clearly there has been a higher force at work over the past few days. Opperman started Thursday resigning and ended it in Northumberland , with a beer in the sunshine. This doesn’t sound the tone of a man going through a professional crisis, more a man who is very much in charge of his destiny.

I never really believed that the Pensions Minister job could be filled by a stand-in. Pensions are too esoteric, too demanding of specialist skills. Pension Ministers  need to understand state pensions and the pensions aspects of benefits. It’s a role needing an understanding of the complex dynamics of the vested interests who drive private pensions. That understanding does not exist with any other person currently serving in the parliamentary conservative party (in the Commons that is).

Junior Ministers are the salt of parliament, and I’m pleased that Guy Opperman is back, not least as we are co-hosting a meeting on pension credit on 18th July!

Dusk – the sun sets over Northumberland ending Guy Opperman’s first and only day out of office.

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