These you have read- my top ten blogs this year.


Thanks everyone!

Although I write a lot, I don’t spend much time looking at what gets read and when I do, I get surprised! At the end of this year I know I’ll have had around a quarter of a million reads but I’ve no idea how many readers or – save for those who comment – who my readers are. It’s nice when people say they’ve read my blog on social media, but most “reads” on linked in – don’t count as impressions on my blog because most people simply read the “slug” that linked in displays, not the article.

So many people know about my blog who’ve never read it. And those people who know about my ideas for pensions and other things often know them from the little bits of text that accompany posts – which makes me think I should be more careful how I frame and less wordy when I write my blogs.

WordPress, who host my site tell me that the average length of my blogs is 1000 words that most readers read 1.8 blogs at a time and that they primarily come from the UK, US ,Europe and Australia.

And my top ten read blogs this year have been – in this particular order

  1. I’ve tested positive but feel fine
  2. It’s time to stop sneering at St James
  3. How Soon Will We See the Benefits of the Vaccination 
  4. The Bitcoin scam – that’s on your feeds today.
  5. Peter Weiner has died – we will miss him
  6. Grand designs from Dolphin Trust
  7. FCA unveil a horror-show from 17 fund managers
  8. The City’s not remotely working.
  9. CPI, RPI and CPIH – get up to speed pension people!

I’m chastened that nothing I’ve written about Value For Money, IGCs , Climate Change , CDC, the State Pension or consolidation has made it into the top ten.

The Covid Actuary’s content has been well read and they get one of the ten top reads in “how soon will seee the benefits of vaccination?”,

But the big generators of reads relate to scandals (Dolphin, BSPS, FCA investigations and Bitcoin advertising.

And people read about us when we are dead, paying more attention to our passing than our presence.

It’s nice to see one technical pensions blog get into the top ten (CPI, RPI and CPIH), I suspect this is traffic from another site (in which case thanks to someone).

Thanks to everyone who’s read , commented on or referenced my blogs. I love writing them and I love you’re reading them.




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