Peter Weiner has died – we will miss him

I did not know Peter very well -for the amount of time I spent in his company. Our direct conversations usually revolved around my poor spelling and the health of my partner whom Peter worked with when at BT. He was part of the pension furniture and in writing about him posthumously, I realise how fond are the memories I have of him.

Peter and I must have attended upwards of 100 Pension PlayPen lunches . Together with his Pentrus partner Bill Whitehead (also sadly deceased), he was the backbone of our discussion group for more than 10 years. Latterly he worked with Michael Clark at CBC.

Peter’s CBC profile – pension focused to the end

For someone who spent much of his life in public, he was a private man who’s views on pensions were always serious and deeply held. He wanted to discuss pensions but not himself, he was a gentle man who had an interest in everyone.

Even when he knew his days were numbered, he maintained an upbeat presence on web calls. Never did his spirit falter, he behaved with considerable courage and with the self-discipline that characterized him.

Hearing of his death from Tim Spridell , Guy and his former work colleague Jeremy Mills , I am pleased to see the many tributes to Peter that are already on social media. You can see how people valued him from the comments on Guy’s post.

I would add one more insight about Peter- his generosity – typified by how he presented himself on social media.

Think of me as a general resource to help you with your pensions workload – not just as a pensions mentor/manager/scheme secretary/consultant/trustee.

I am flexible, a self-starter used to working as part of a team, comfortable with working on projects and with people at many levels both internal and external

Peter was 69 when he died. Avgi Gregory reports he wanted to endure till April and have his 70th birthday. His linked-in statement was true to my memories of him-  he wanted to help others (usually pro-bono) till the end of his life.

A stalwart of TPAS for many years he was known to everyone and – as can be seen by the tributes – loved and admired.

Though he dedicated his life to helping people retire, he really never retired himself and though I never knew Peter as Guy and others did, I miss him already. UK pensions has lost one of its ambassadors – an under-valued champion.

Peter Weiner

People have asked about arrangements; clearly nothing can be done beyond immediate family for the period of the lockdown, but if you want to make a donation then Jeremy and Guy have set up a just giving page to the charity Peter supported in life and death

Just give to Mind in memory of Peter.


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