The Bitcoin scam – that’s on your feeds today.

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Take a look at this link,

It purports to be the Mirror telling people they can make £1,000 a day trading bitcoin on an automated platform. All you have to do is feed in £190 and away you go. The algorithm buys and sells bitcoins and you put your feet up watching your account balance multiply.

The link appeared on my twitter feed this morning and it’s probably on your too.

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sounds too good to be true- is too good to be true.

On a trading platform, every buyer must be matched by a seller. If not then we have a bubble. Back in the 18th century, people bought into the South Sea Trading Company in the belief that its shares could only go up, people bought into black tulips, the Equitable Life and CDIs for the same reason.

So what in heaven’s name is a famous newspaper – the Daily Mirror doing running what appears to be advertorial.

Well because this is a scam. The website that looks like a Mirror website is not, every single link on that site leads you to a scam run by Crypto Cash Fortune.

Which means that ITV’s Good morning Britain becomes complicit in the scam too.

Press the link on this screenshot of the ITV program at the top of the article and you get through to this website

Does Rose Hill, the Mirror reporter supposedly endorsing this product, know her article  has been hijacked like this? I’ve written to ask her.

Do Susannah Reid and  Piers Morgan of the ITV’s Good Morning Britain know what losing even £190 can mean to a family on the breadline? And it won’t stop at £190- we all know that people pile in more and that’s when they lose their fortunes.

Which is why Piers and Susanna are endangering ordinary people’s finances – with such gormless incredulity.

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Does anyone really believe that an automated trading platform investing in CFDs is going to be a sensible investment for ordinary people?

Does anyone think that Steve Jobs, Richard Branson et al are talking about Crypto Cash Fortune?

Of course not, these endorsements of Crypto Cash Fortune are as fake as everything else on this fake website

Look everyone, this is an American organisation with no FCA authorisation using ITV and the Daily Mirror to sell an extremely risky investment as a get rich quick scheme.

How can this possibly be right?

How can this article be on our social media feeds? How many unsuspecting readers will take Rose, Piers, Susannah’s, Richard’s Warren’s and Steve Job’s word for it?

Crypto Cash Fortune are using all kinds of spoof websites to run what they call advertorial. I’m calling the Mirror and ITV because their commercial interests are at risk from this.

A scam is a scam is a scam; these guys will be stopped by the Regulators eventually but for now it’s up to us to make sure people are protected.



The Disclaimer on the website says

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5 Responses to The Bitcoin scam – that’s on your feeds today.

  1. mosegas says:

    Yes! it real scam and so many people have already fallen in this trap especially those who have no any idea about bitcoins ,Thanks in advance for your post it is so helpful to many people.

  2. Henry, Martin Lewis has been trying to stop his name being used for similar scam adverts. Dragon’s Den stars have also been used. The scammers are now trying similar tactics with other personalities and/or programmes or similar looking programmes. Many of the trading platforms are poorly regulated in Cyprus and just inside the law, but try getting your money out if you win! I know of a few victims and I wish they had asked me for my opinion!

  3. And here’s the latest version of this…this time it’s Ant McPartlin, Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield who are being used by the scammers and once again the article cites Rose Hill as the author. How do we report these sites and who do we report them too? There needs to be more readily available public information about what to do if you see this online:

  4. Glynis Moira Anne George says:

    I decided to take a risk and signed up. I’m dealing with a company called investment 500. They are not authorised by the financial authorities . Have you heard of this company?

  5. henry tapper says:

    Pleased do not invest with anyone in this space Glynis till you’ve talked with someone who really knows about money. Investment 500 sounds a classic example of an organisation you should not invest in or with until you have done a lot of due diligence. TAKE ADVICE or LEAVE ALONE

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