Watch and share – because where your pension invests – matters!

The video is worth watching but more than that – it is worth sharing.

It is latest (and at 65 seconds- the shortest) feature film of Richard Curtis’ career and it should be embedded into every ESG focused website aspiring to “outreach”.

The short tongue-in-cheek film that aims to raise awareness of how people’s pension cash may be financing industries that are “destroying the planet”.

It features  actor Jason Isaacs (best known for playing Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter films), is the latest salvo from Curtis’s Make My Money Matter campaign, which is pushing for some of the £3tn in UK pensions to be moved out of industries that are harming people and the planet via practices such as deforestation, and into sustainable businesses.

In it, “Guy Byrne-Woods”, the chief executive of “FFS” – the Forestry Felling Syndicate – thanking UK pension plan holders for their contributions to its “record-breaking” year.

The smooth-voiced CEO says he wants to thank

“people like you for collectively investing hundreds of millions with us”,


“Your pension funds, no matter how piddly, all add up. And with all your cash, we’ve been able to destroy more natural habitat than we ever thought possible, from Alaska to the Amazon, Siberia to Sudan.”

It ends with footage of a burning forest being cleared and an on-screen message:

“Do you know where your pension is going? Find out where your money’s invested, and avoid nasty surprises.”

Curtis says he wants

“ to shock viewers into the realisation that their pension money is likely to be funding investments that are destroying the planet when they might already be taking steps to become more sustainable in their day-to-day life”.

He  wanted to make something fun that people would hopefully share and that could grab the attention of those who might not normally be interested in this topic.

Curtis hopes

“we get to the point by the end of next year that any young person taking out their first pension, the first question they ask is: ‘It will be an ethical and sustainable one, won’t it?’”

Make My Money Matter is calling for all pension funds to commit to net zero carbon emissions, with a halving of emissions by 2030.

The 64-year-old has been using what he has learned to shake up his own pension and investment finances: “It’s actually been – dare I use the word – fun.”

Let’s hope that he doesn’t fall foul of the FCA’s financial promotion rules.

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