Bored? Why not save humanity?

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By circuitous serendipity I have something to excite your braincells which could help us stabilise the economy, relieve pressure on healthcare systems and relieve suffering.

The competition is a lure, the prizes are incentives. The objective is to attract competitors, evaluate and rank them.

There has to be a winner, but all entrants will have ideas of some value, i.e. the ‘innovation juice’ is an aggregate of everyone’s efforts.


It is well proven that competitions solve  problems, this competition’s already engaged judges whose calibre suggests this will be no different.



The purpose of this competition is to elicit sensible viable ideas that can help abate the pandemic, i.e. to support and not try to conflict with or replace the work of healthcare professionals, businesses, NGOs and Government.

The scope of your idea can be far and wide, anything that abates the pandemic, the judges do not envisage there being any ‘silver bullets’.

Examples will come from engineering, business practices, behavioural change, scientific discovery applicable rather soon and frankly whatever else does the job. Perhaps there are really simple abatements we haven’t thought of yet, but you will.

The competition will end on 14th April 2020, necessarily quite fast so ideas can be put to use.

 You can download an application form here.

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Executive Program Overview

The Executive Program is a five-day immersive course that examines how converging technologies will shape our future and explores ethical leadership in a rapidly changing world. Participants are empowered with critical insight, tools and connections to think exponentially and develop a framework for a better tomorrow. The program is industry- and technology-agnostic, intended for senior leaders and unique thinkers in private and public sectors with the desire to transform their industries and create positive impact at scale. Our alumni cite these as their most valuable outcomes:

  • A stronger understanding of what the future looks like, how emerging technologies work, and how and when they will impact the market
  • Access to tools and frameworks that will help them enact change within their organizations
  • Meaningful connections with leaders of the same caliber from varied backgrounds, industries and countries
  • A foot in the door to Silicon Valley expertise, innovation and culture
  • Stronger understanding of how to use their position to create positive change in the world.

Singularity University’s global network is an ideal platform for this initiative, as it’s a diverse multi-ethnic group of technologists, scientists, entrepreneurs, government, NGO, corporate and SME people.

While Singularity is known for its prowess in the arena of emerging technologies, the organisation’s mission is to educate and inspire people to help solve humanity’s hardest problems and this Convid 19 coronavirus is definitely one of those hard problems.

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  1. mike halsall says:

    Thank you Henry, with the City and CW awash with many sadly unused PhDs, now the time to dust off the banking work and get going with ideas

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