AgeWage goes public!

We started on Wednesday, nervously wondering if we could raise £200,000 from the crowd by the end of May.

We did not count on the support of those we know but we should have done.

This morning we have pushed  to “open”  the link to the AgeWage funding page and it will show that we have all but hit our target in our pre-launch test. As I write we have raised over £188,000.


Last night, I hastily gathered the clan and we agreed that we will press on, raising more than we initially targeted to make our Seedrs campaign a key part in the EIS rise.

And the great thing is that we now have 90 investors who have told us we are worth it. Those who do not know us, will take heart from that. We have – thanks to you – achieved the momentum to make this a momentous fund-raising round.

The rules remain the same for large investors

If you are looking to invest a five figure sum, you may wish to invest directly via our Investment Memorandum which you can request from the site or request from me directly (as several did this weekend). For larger sums, a direct investment can have advantages but these are now diminished as we will be paying Seedrs on all monies received (whether to Seedrs or to us).

So thanks to the direct investors who between them have invested £135,000.

Smaller investors are so welcome

You have the right to remain anonymous if you invest with Seedrs and many of you have chosen that route, avoiding becoming the target for third party marketing.

But – gratifyingly, most of you have told us who you are and your names are visible to new and existing investors. We are incredibly proud that you put your trust in us, and doubly proud that you are happy to stand up and champion.

I am so happy that we have this growing community to work for.

agewage snakes and ladders

Every single investor, no matter how small, is valuable to us. You will be the people who will make us stick to the task, you will be in the forefront of our minds. You are also going to be responsible for maintaining AgeWage’s place on the Seedrs’ pecking order which investors visit, We want to be and stay in the top two rows, you make that happen.

What happens next

We’ve had a lot of people concerned that when they go to they don’t see AgeWage there. That’s because we are hidden.

What happens next is we jump out of our hutch and appear on the Seedrs homepage, hopefully in a very prominent position. Just when this morning this happens, but it will.

And we’ll go on raising money till we have enough (w don’t want to dilute our shareholdings more than necessary but there is a great deal we can do which needs more than £200k!

So get investing and enjoy!

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