Sier and Agethangelou kick off Government pension transparency inquiry

Chris Sier (left) and Andy Agethangelou (right) are due to kick off the Work and Pensions Select Committee costs  transparency inquiry – giving oral evidence on 5th September.


It’s fitting that the two will appear together, Chris Sier did a great job setting up the Transparency Taskforce with Andy and his ongoing work shedding light on what we’re really paying for fund management has inspired me to set up AgeWage (which Chris is actively involved in). Chris recent work has culminated in the development of a common template which we hope will be published shortly by the FCA and commonly adopted by fund managers. The template will highlight all the costs of managing each fund so we can know what we pay for.

I’ve known Andy Agethangelou since he started campaigning to get Pitman’s Trustees name out to the industry. Since then Andy has helped auto-enrolment through Friends of AE, chaired the PAPDIS committee to get common data standards for data transmission, set up the Association of Member Nominated Trustees as well as his work for the TTF.

Two people who have given freely

Neither Andy or Chris has made money out of their work on transparency. They have earned their place at the W&P Select Committee through hard graft and having the persistence and bravery to carry on where others stopped.

I am really proud to know both Andy and Chris well and to continue to have the greatest of respect for them personally – and for the work they do for transparency.


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  1. Bob Ward says:

    Good news and hopefully getting closer to major improvements to transparency for consumers

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