Financial Planning – a minority sport.



It was fun debating with Debate Mate and Tom McPhail – who is great mate!

A sense of humour is required!

The jokes were on me as I struggled to articulate why I thought most people should be focussing on how to maximised the value of their lives rather than planning for the future. Some members of the audience even asked how I was planning to get home!

Even so, our team of Ade, Mel and me managed to swing the audience to our way of thinking, though it was 17 year old (off to Yale) Mel and boxer Ade that did it!


Ade – who led our team – is on the right. (Boxing’s not a minority sport!)


I doubt that in the normal scheme of things , Mel and Ade would get involved in financial planning and get a cash flow forecast of their later years! But I was surprised that a 17 year old A level student and a 20 year old boxer were so much better at debating than a public school vet. like me!

Financial Planning is a minority sport – like Fox Hunting; it’s practiced by the rich on the rich and it’s all part of the money-go-round. Its relevance at yesterday’s NEST Insight conference was quickly extinguished as speaker after speaker spoke about the need to get us more productive and better fit to save.

Debate Mate 2

Ben led the debate


IMO, people save when they see the need , have the means and when it’s easy for them. Auto-enrolment makes it easy, people know that they cannot work for ever and so long as they are in work- they have the means. In my other blog today, I talk about a brilliant way to help those from backgrounds like Ade’s and Mel’s, to build a later-life war-chest without the need of advisers like me and Tom!

And I am absolutely sure that all the people who I met from the Debate Mate team, will have absolutely no need of me – to pursue brilliant careers!



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