How Mill Pensions help small employers to choose their workplace pension.

Here are a few testimonials we’ve been collecting from business advisers using Pension PlayPen.

We don’t pretend they are unbiased – these are the people who love us. But what’s not to love about a service that delivers more for less.


Why Mill Pensions uses Pension PlayPen

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Mill Pensions is an employee benefit consultancy based in Malton, (near York).We asked its CEO, Elaine Tarver , some questions about her service and how she used Pension PlayPen.


1.What auto-enrolment services are you providing to your clients?


Expert help with set up and implementation starting with a free no obligation chat to discuss client’s situation and how we can help. This is followed by targeted assistance with the following


  • Determining how much they want to pay and when( includes providing initial employe assessment and costs)
  • Choosing a provider
  • Communication strategy including drafting tailored specific letters including statutory requirements and Q&A response to queries. Face to face employee meetings if required.
  • Implementation and setting up processes
  • Compliance statement


  1. Why do you use Pension PlayPen?


Pension Playpen provides clients with a process for choosing a pension provider .  It is a quick way of getting specific quotes based on member data . It helps clients to think about what is important to them and the balanced score card helps them to compare providers.


  1. How have your clients reacted to Pension PlayPen as part of your service?


Some find the wealth of information a bit overwhelming but once they have digested it they are generally comfortable in making a decion on the provider to use. It gives them comfort that their decision is based on current facts.


  1. How is Pension PlayPen benefiting you and your clients?


In an ever changing market with a bewildering array of information it provides a source of up to date data based on factual research  and scoring based on consistent criteria.  It provides clients with a clear audit trail showing how their decision was reached. The process helps them to think about what is important to them and their employees.


  1. How did you hear about Pension PlayPen?

I have watched the playpen develop with interest from when Henry was talking about the original concept at a playpen trip to the Cheltenham Gold Cup

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Elaine Tarver





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