Take TPAS’ women in pensions 2016 survey!

Women in pensions

The Pension Advisory each year gauge the changing relationship between women and pensions. This year’s survey is released today.

TPAS survey

Today is the day when women take the agenda back from men on pensions.


I’m not sure that public pension bodies – which have been male dominated for as long as I can remember, has ever had such strong representation from  women

Ros Altmann – The Pension Minister  Ros #10 =

Harriet Baldwin- Chief Economic Secretary – Treasury harriet baldwin

Charlotte Clarke- Head of Pension Strategy- DWPcharlotte clark

Michelle Cracknell – CEO of TPAS michelle

Helen Dean – CEO of NESTHElen dean nest

Carolyn Rookes- MAS     Caroline-Rookes-152x200

And how could we forget the Pension Regulator’s Lesley Titcomb lesley titcombe2

I’ll add more as they come to mind- but you get my point. And no- John Ralfe- I’m not sucking up the DWP – it’s just


Add to that 100,000 women who have decided to get stuck in through the WASPI petition and we men are- for the first time I can remember – on the back foot!

I have no problem with this. And I was really pleased when an email arrived yesterday from TPAS asking me to promote their survey on Women and Pensions.

So with brilliant timing- here it is!  www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/WandP2015

Take part in TPAS’ latest Women and Pensions 2016 survey, looking at women’s views on pension saving and what influences their retirement decisions. Although the survey is targeted at women, all genders are welcome to take part and answer questions wherever possible. It should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete.

Here it is again! 


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