100% horse!

Findus+frozen+Beef+Lasagne+When you pick up a packet from a shelf- the chances are you looking at the brand. If you are looking at the supermarket‘s own brand– you are making ca call on the probity and governance of the supermarket. If you buy a brand like Findus, you are saying you’ll pay a premium rate for a premium brand.

If there’s a horse in your burger, it’s the primary brand you’re buying and the secondary brand (the shop) that goes for a burden.

Morrison don’t ourtsource, you buy their meat- it comes from their farms. They own the whole supply chain.

Behind our buying decisions are the cientists who we are trusting to check for BUTE  and the expert tasters in willy-wonka land. I’m spending a day with Unilever today, last night I was out with Proctor and Gamble sceintists. These guys live and breathe what they eat and it’s all about trust ,probity, governance.

Which is why it’s shocking to us when standards slip.

I feel the same way about my brand – pensions. When you see me rant on about probity,governance and integrity it is because it matters to me that people buy into saving into a pension.

Which is why I want all the horsemeat contaminating my pensions burgers out right now.

My clients wouldn’t expect any less .






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