5 Responses to Logins, passwords and all that tra la la!

  1. Thanks for your comments Henry and for highlighting this interesting and entertaining discussion on LinkedIn.

    Firstly, IFA Life requires a log in because the users asked for one.

    It is not a consumer facing site and its members specifically did not want the forum contents visible to all and sundry, particularly as much of the content is related to personal business development issues.

    Secondly, with regards to the security code question at initial sign up to the site, those who have had trouble with the security code (about 12 people out of 9,000) have done so because they did not read the question closely enough.

    It also worth pointing out the other posts on the same LinkedIn thread which you have not mentioned, including my own reply to Terry’s “joke” remark, plus those of IFA Life members who are in full support of the IFA Life site (not to mention the many emails and text messages of support that I have received privately).

    Having run a membership site and groups since 2004, I can assure you that people ARE prepared to log in for news and information… on the strict proviso that it adds value to their day and does not waste their time. IFA Life (now LifeTalk) has an outstanding reputation within the industry for adding value to the lives of IFAs, evidenced by regular multiple testimonials and the fact that thousands willingly log in every week.

    Both Terry and Robert have subsequently asked to be signed up on the site. And within the site, you could not find a better example within the industry of people freely giving their advice, experience and expertise.



  2. Tina Weeks says:

    I have been a member of IFA Life (now Life Talk) for 4 years now and I have lost count of the number of times I have gained helpful business development information from it and it’s very helpful members.
    It’s not that much of a task having to enter a username and password to gain access to this valuable community. I know that I personally would not be so keen to share business ideas with my peers if this was NOT a gated community. I have nothing to hide but do I really want my clients and the rest of the world knowing what I am struggling with?

    Funny how I am not allowed to post a comment to this article without having to leave my email, name and website though…………..

  3. henry tapper says:

    I really have nothing against IFA life – I am one of the 9000! But I’m quite sure that it would be a better site if it was more open.

    For that matter, the pension play pen might be a better site if we made it an open site (which it isn’t)

    The reason you need to login to wordpress to comment is the same as bbc.co.uk and almost all other sites – this site gets about 50 times more spam than genuine contributions and wihout the logon we’d probably be locked out of our computers thanks to virus’s.

    Even moneysavingexpert expects a login to contribute.

    I’m likely to be launching an open site in the next couple of months and am thinking through what needs a login.

    Increasingly I’m thinking that the more I need a login, the less I need membership- like Groucho Marx I wouldn’t want to be a member of any club that would have me!

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