Hands off office Christmas parties (they’re just fine)!

2012-12-14 20.41.47 2012-12-14 20.41.30 2012-12-14 20.41.22 2012-12-14 20.38.51 2012-12-14 20.40.16 2012-12-14 20.37.17 - Copy 2012-12-14 20.37.57 - Copy 2012-12-14 20.38.07 - Copy Mark Riches 2012-12-14 20.41.54The sad demise of Eamonn Kilbride (46) who collapsed of a heart attack after dancing Gangnam style at his office party should not lead to a ban on middle aged men dancing.

Indeed, when he has his conversation with St Peter, Eamonn should hold his head up high. Few forty year olds will go out in more style. This may be small consolation to his family and friends right now, but let’s hope they’ll be able to remember Dad/husband/mate as a man who partied to the last.

Predictably, there are calls for all kinds of things – bans on dancing – bans on parties – bans on inappropriate behaviours of all kinds!

The office party has never been more relevent! Austerity be damned! Health and Safety be damned

So here are the photos of our very excellent piss-up in Basingstoke (and a taster of the concurrent Leeds session). Stephen Kilgannon, I owe you a fresh Secret Santa– a Blackbullion piggy bank with the swearbox money in it is really not in the spirit, though the Yeovil Town bottle opener is a real gem which you should treasure!

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  1. henry tapper says:

    Very important http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Ij8BpOa-Pg&sns=fb Kim Wilde on her way back from the office party – if you can’t join in when the legend herself is singing in your carriage, you are a miserable tw*t!

    Well done Katherine Eames for salvaging this and for Andy Young , architect of the PPF for his sage advice

    “Don’t forget that even after the office party, you still can’t sing!”

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