Unlearning the old things

We had a statement from an insurer this morning justifying its position using sections of the Income and Corporation Tax Act (ICTA)1988. This legislation is now 24 years old and has been superseded by many other Acts, notably the Pension Acts of 2004 and 2008. The insurer’s position was eight years out of date.

My colleague Mark Sadler pointed out that while we go on many courses to learn what’s new, we don’t go on any that tell us what is old.

Unlearning what was relevent in the past but is not relevent in the future is as important as throwing out old newspapers. I guess we are natural hoarders and cling on to what we knew as certain.

This week I have written blogs about what I hope to be the certainties of the future. I fear that we will only be able to give them space if we throw out our hoarded  “old news”.

This will be as uncomfortable as clearing out the attic and as exciting as planning the loft conversion.

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