Pension Playpen lunch- the new consensus

In tune with our austere times, this month’s Playpen lunch racked up a measly bill of £150 from its 13 participants

who voted

6    The Government have done a good job recently on pensions reform

1     The Government have done a rubbish job so recently on pensions reform

6     We’re going to wait and see on what comes out of Hutton.

Hopefully what comes out of Hutton is better than what went into Tapper – Counting House prize pork sausages don’t match up to the pies guys.


Phillip Bretnall- currently decorating his house

Peter Weiner- recently joined Pentrus

Matt Ashton-Smith- Former PPF guru- now guru at Penguin Insurance Corporation

Keith Williams- First Actuarial- part-time Antipodean

Jennie Kreser-  Practice Far Away- outside a City wall

Tony Miller- Interim extraordinaire

Charles Tatham- contrarian actuary

Chris Brown- partially buttocked LEBC luninaire

Andy Seed- Gobby from Deloittes

Holly James- Princess of Mallowstreet

Jennifer Stillman- Hedge Fund Queen from Caliburn

Shona Gould- CCT , late but full of good sense.

New consensus?

HMRC aren’t going to squeeze £4bn pa out of AA/LTA

AA/LTA bit of a side issue

Auto-enrolment rules a start but the contributions need to rack up on Australian lines

NEST is ok

£140 BSP is too many green and white papers away to get excited about but what it’s all about.

CARE for public pensions

Next lunch is Monday December 6th- same place but we’ll be doing a Christmas special.

About henry tapper

Founder of the Pension PlayPen,, partner of Stella, father of Olly . I am the Pension Plowman
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