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I am often asked by people with nothing better to do:-

what exactly is the Pension Playpen?

It is best defined in terms of what it is not.

It is not a place for parochialism. The Playpen celebrates the fundamental need for jollity across the pensions community locally, globally and galactically. Planet Playpen communicates across a wide range of galaxies and exists in a parallel universe where the world is governed by sanity and common sense. It informs on the quotidian by its inter-galactic reach.

It is not a place for the dull. Dullness is the common enemy that focusses the Playpen on delivering wit and good humour. It embraces dullness as a mother embraces her child’s dirty nappy- as something to be disposed of.

It is not a place for corporate hospitality. The Playpen rages against the excesses of the boozed-up executives too sad to get a real life who spend their leisure hours trapped in hideous conformity created by the UK corporate hospitality industry.

It is not for recruitment consultants. The Pension Playpen endeavours to put its members in direct contact with each to enable them to get the right job at the right time. People buy people and don’t need to pay 30% of salary for the privilege of being introduced to one another.

It has no hierarchy; the management of the Playpen is democratic and organised on anarcho-syndicalist lines. If it is affiliated to any political party it considers itself aligned with the militant tendency of the Monster Raving Loony Party.

The Pension Playpen is manifested in a Linked in Group of some 600 members, its activities are published inter-alia in a Discussion Forum, it has a number of sub-groups defined geographically and by activities of daily living- eg by predilection to watching football, going to the theatre etc.

It meets monthly in London on the first Monday of the Month. It will also be meeting in a range of Northern Cities following the formation of the Pension Playpen Northern Lunch Club

It runs a golf society.

It shares the aspirations of mallowstreet.

It enables its members to work together to provide better pensions in the UK, globally and inter-galactically.

It is meeting at the NAPF Conference in Liverpool (6th-8th October) , attending Billy Bragg v the Bankers and running a golf day on October 8th. The Pension Playpen lunch is as ususal on the first Monday of the month (4th) at The Counting House Pub in Cornhill.

It is free to join and encourages new members who have the wit and wisdom to find it.

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Founder of the Pension PlayPen,, partner of Stella, father of Olly . I am the Pension Plowman
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