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It’s 5.30am and I’ve been online for an hour dealing with my weekend mails

I’ve got five tasks today. I’m going to share them on FT’s SchemeXpert to show how social media helps me work rest and play!

Task one; I’m organising a Pension Playpen lunch in the City. Between 20 and 25 people will turn up to discuss a burning question.

 Do we want a Citizen’s Pension with higher taxes or can auto-enrolment achieve the same without burdening the tax-payer

The Pension Playpen is a LinkedIn group I set up in November last year, it’s for pension people who enjoy meeting up in real life. Corporate Hospitality is banned, people pay their own way and we’ve been to Henley, Cheltenham, raced yachts and a group is off next week to the Edinburgh Festival. It’s an online club and on the first Monday of the month we go Dutch for Lunch.

Task two; I’m trying to find CFOs of small companies who are troubled by their FRS 17 liabilities, my company offers an FRS17 tracking service to help them understand and manage their Defined Benefit pension liabilities. I’m excited to have found a large number of such people on LinkedIn who have formed their own group. I need to contact them and arrange a few meetings.

Task three; we’re working on a project with a firm of professional trustees to get ourselves appointments in a far-flung region of the UK where there’s little help for the type of schemes we advise. I need to find a way to bring these people together, It’s at the research stage at the moment and I’m putting together prospect lists from various contact lists on mallowstreet,LinkedIn and the  Blue Book.

Task Four; we are doing a survey of Union pension schemes; this requires information delivered online from Companies House, I need to talk with my colleagues on how we deliver our findings. This is only going to work if we get to meet the General Secretaries and Finance Officers of the Unions involved. I’ve got a Plan and it involves an on-line Union Forum.

Task five; we’ve got a few days to complete our submission to the independent consultation on auto-enrolment. The views of the lunchgroup will be interesting but I’m taking soundings from my LinkedIn groups, from comments on my blog and from questions I’ve posed on mallowstreet. We need to test our thoughts through the wisdom of the crowd as Dawid and Robert would call it.

Those are the big jobs but there will be plenty of little ones, managing the new enquiries from our  contacts, ensuring that work coming in goes to the right offices of First Actuarial and dealing with the inevitable problems associated with being a hub for so much activity. I’ve put aside two hours this afternoon for ad-hoc meetings with people at the lunch who may be looking for anything from a new job to a new client.

I could  do my job without LinkedIn, Facebook,Twitter and mallowstreet. I could do my job without SchemeXpert. But I couldn’t do my job so well. I reckon my productivity has improved by 300% in the past three years as I’ve moved with the developments of social media. It’s hard to remember what life was like before but this time in 2007 I had not heard of, let alone used most of the media that are now an essential part of my business life.

Well it’s 6.10am now. Time to get on with my five tasks. There’s a massive incentive to do so. If I get everything done by 4pm I can nip down to Windsor on my bike, jump into Minivet, our little slipper launch and purr up to the Windsor Races with my friends Stella and Una. There’s nothing to beat the racing at Windsor on a warm August evening!

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