The award is for what you deliver to your customers – HELLO FRIDAY!

Congratulations to everyone who was dressed up last night for whatever awards ceremony you were at.

Award ceremonies now happen on Thursday nights making “Hello Friday” a business of waking up in a hotel bed with a stinking hangover and the prospect of getting home with the out of office still switched on.

There has to be a correlation between the growth of award ceremonies and the stagnation in productivity we are experiencing in the UK. It’s almost certainly linked to TWAT, the phenomena that has turned the City into a tumbleweed wilderness on a Friday.

Those who remained nimble fingered enough to post shots of themselves or their mates giving or receiving awards are now being admired by those who are scrolling their linked in feeds. I am delighted for you all.

But let’s remember that most of the population have no idea what an award ceremony is and would be genuinely shocked if they knew the cost per person of a place at the table.

So while you have all done very well, let’s go easy on the posting and remember that what matters is what you deliver to your customers,


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