Help – I’ve been chat GPT’d!


Ever get the feeling that the person on the other end of an email doesn’t mean a word they say? If you are the victim of inauthentic claptrap from ChatGPT you are probably left feeling what might be described as

  • Demeaned
  • Patronised
  • Conned
  • Let down

I have just got an invitation from someone who doesn’t know me but claims to know a lot about me and my company

We have noticed that your company has previously registered for the UK Pensions Awards, however you haven’t done so for the 2024 awards.

Your company would be a great fit for these awards and we want to see you there!

If you haven’t already seen this year’s categories and criteria you can view them here.

It takes less than a minute to register for the 2024 awards, just click here, add your details and select the categories you are interested in entering.

Once you have registered, you will gain exclusive access to live judges Q&A, be informed with all of the latest awards information and we will share our awards entry guidance pack with you, containing top tips on writing an award-winning submission.

Clearly , this lot don’t know me or my company from Adam and what I’ve got is what chat GPT is spewing out to everyone. The giveaway is in catchphrases

We have noticed that” – really? are you sure that this just caught your attention in a random way? I don’t think so- I think you did a search on your database and found that I was on it. This casual talk doesn’t catch me out – I can see an algorithm not a human at work

“Your company would be a great fit“. Insufficiently confident or competent to guess my company, these guys use one of the cliches beloved of linked in, to suck me in. Come on, you don’t even know what my company is!

You will gain exclusive access” . Chat GPT knows how to appeal to my vanity, I’m going to be in the green room and onto the red carpet if I register an interest.

Award entrance guidance pack”. My guess is that if I am getting a Chat GPT advert, I’ll be getting a Chat GPT entrance pack. Why not?

At the end of the sausage machine will be “an award winning entry” – delivered by Chat GPT no doubt.

The human intervention

At some point , someone is going to have to make a decision on these submissions. In my experience 95% of what is submitted is not read and what is read is treated with considerable scepticism. Where ChatGPT is detected in a submission, the submission  should be marked down as inauthentic, but this is rarely the case.

Chat GPT is sufficiently woke as to tick all the boxes, leaving most submissions pretty well perfect, in the most inauthentic way.

The best way to ensure authenticity is to screw your submission up. But that’s no way to win. So – my advice if you do want to get involved in the awards process is

 smile sweetly -(you’re on Chat GPT ) – and  hope the judges like you.

Demeaned- patronised- conned -let down

These are the symptoms of being Chat GPT’d. You will experience a subliminal reaction to the banality of what you have read or has been spoken to you. You will recognise that you are being treated , not as someone of interest , but as a commodity to be influenced towards a desired outcome.

This tawdry state of affairs will continue and grow as more and more people cotton on to the opportunities Chat GPT and similar systems offer submission-based awards. Chat GPT will ensure homogenous and indistinguishable submissions not just to award ceremonies but as an entry level to all kinds of selection processes.

Inevitably, manually constructed submissions will become “high-risk” and this will lead to a dumbing down of creativity so that proposals are ultimately meaningless.


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