Michael Mainelli – Mayor of the coach and horses.

This gravity defying shot of the City of London’s new mayor, Michael Mainelli suggests that the the next 12 months will be a wild ride.

A scientist economist


No stranger to my manor

Mainelli is no stranger to my manor. He has been seen around my gaff astride his black charger – Leo.

It comes as no surprise to find out we have our first America born Lord Mayor, but many will be astounded to know Manelli is one of the City’s purest thinkers with an academic pedigree that’s second to none.

Wiki has him asan IrishItalianAmerican scientist, economist, and accountant, known for being Chairman of Z/Yen,[1] Sheriff of London for 2019–21, and Lord Mayor of the City of London for 2023–24.

Mainellis is an Emeritus Professor of Commerce of Gresham College,[2] and founder of the Long Finance initiative,

Mainelli is is a promoter of science in economics.


No stranger to this blog

Nor is Mayor Mainelli a stranger to this blog. He featured for his equestrian skills in 2021

But back in 2018, his Long Finance initiative gave us a joint paper on how CDC could be administered using the distributive ledger 

Long Finance has consistently supported the use of productive finance and stood out against the de-risking of pensions using LDI


A worthy successor  to Nicholas Lyons

Manelli – the scientific economist

Nicholas Lyons has been a great Mayor for pensions and he’ll go back to being Chairman of Phoenix. He looks a little more stable in his coach but Manelli may ride off with the spoils.

Congratulations to the two of them!

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