Simon Chrystal’s views on value for money


Simon Chrystal  is Nico and Darren’s guest this week to talk about value for money.

This episode is not really about the value of pensions as the value of advice. Simon Chrystal is keen talk about his work and his firm’s offering which links to Guiide and MoneyHub and is primarily offered through employers as an employee benefit.

Simon doesn’t think of himself working in the pension industry so much as the people industry. His podcast is full of anecdotes from and about  his clients, some of which are enchanting (the client who won’t downsize his property because when he walks around the house every room “gives him a cuddle”). I enjoyed this description of the way memories become embedded in property.

With his Wearside tones and his easy delivery, Simon charms his way through 67 minutes of chat. I’m not convinced that the need for advice and guidance reflects well on pensions. But I am convinced that the current state of pensions deserves the services Simon describes.

Much of what Simon says is about establishing trust with advisors, unfortunately too many trusted advisers have turned out not to have been worth the trust put in them. It’s hard to sort the sheep from the goats.  Simon is keen to promote himself on the right side of the sheep-pen.

The difficulty with running a podcast about financial advice is that it needs a conversation where both parties are on the same page. Nico and Darren do their best but this ends up as a monologue punctuated by peregrinations into physics, sustainability and engagement though the Pension Attention Campaign. We do not dig very deep into questions of trust.

A note on WPS Advisory

Simon is CEO of WPS Advisory which since 2018 has been a wholly owned subsidiary of DeVere Group. This isn’t clear from its website but it is from its 2022 accounts.

DeVere Group has a trustpilot rating and you can read about the confidence it has inspired here.

DeVere Group’s website makes it clear that it is committed to value for money. In a section on “Frozen DB pensions” it states

One of deVere Group’s aims is to provide every client with a best standard of service and create value for their money. For this we have a team of professional QROPS advisers who are the experts in their fields and will be ready to provide all the information and advice that you will need throughout the process.

If you meet the above QROPS criteria, then you could potentially enjoy a more luxurious retirement. Contact the deVere Group today and see how simple it is to unlock your pension in the UK and transfer it to a more favourable jurisdiction.

This makes me nervous.


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