Jo Cumbo remembers Port Talbot

If you could go to one of the two Facebook support groups for mis-sold BSPS pension Scheme this bank holiday weekend, you’d find this post

Al Rush has put the last four minutes of this week’s VFM podcast, the minutes Jo Cumbo talks of her time in the Taibach Rugby Club looking at what steelworkers had been mis-sold, for the people who use the group. Some of the people who listen, will have spoken with Jo when she was there.

Jo and Gareth

Al Rush reminds me  that Gareth died recently – he comments

These men experience difficult and dangerous working lives – the issue isn’t so much one of mortality, but their health tends to go by their early seventies. They look on fifteen good years of retirement *as* retirement. Anything much more is a bonus.

The 56 minutes of the podcast that precede Al’s snip are great and I’d urge you to listen to what Jo (and the guys) are saying, but I suspect  that the podcast will get most listens for when Jo calls out her times in Port Talbot as the highlight of her journalistic career.

For the steelworkers impacted by bad advice, matters are far from over.

1400 of them are about to get “compo”  through the FCA’s redress scheme. Many more are still waiting for payment either from IFAs or FSCS and efforts continue to find a restitution scheme for those who want to take some or all of their money back into a defined benefit pension scheme. The focus of the camera may not be so sharp, but the matter is not closed. The FCA face a complaint , signed by hundreds of steelworkers, about how long it is taking for a remedy to arrive.

The groups are private, but the podcast is public and you can access it here

You’ll have to wait for Al’s podcast.

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