Nico and Darren quiz the Pension Plowman


Nico Aspinall and Darren Philp are bi-handedly doing the pensions industry a favour by publishing a series of podcasts on Value for Money. All can be accessed by click-through  above and all of them are good. But I’m particularly pleased that the latest Pod features me talking about how we can turn  the DWP consultation from 95% to 100% right.

You can access the latest episode with my views from this link.

You can access any of these “on the go” by searching “V-FM. The Pensions Podcast” at your usual podcast- store. It’s all free – and  it’s easy.


As a reminder – you can watch DWP. TPR and FCA answering questions on the VFM consultation by clicking the red button on the youtube below.

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