The state pension age for those who can work no longer.

The DWP replied:

“Following a search of our paper and electronic records, we have established that the information you requested is not held by this department.”

Sharon Graham, Unite general secretary said:

“This revelation will send a shudder through the UK workforce. The message being given out by the government is don’t get sick or injured.

“Too many workers in highly physically demanding jobs are already being forced out of work before the state pension age. Extending the date when workers become eligible for their pension will make the situation even worse.

“Even more workers will find themselves in a cruel limbo world where they are too sick to work but too young to receive their pension.”

Unite conclude, the lack of research will be particularly alarming to workers in sectors of the economy including construction, lorry driving and healthcare where due to the nature of their work they are frequently forced to leave the industry prior to the existing state retirement age, due to ill health and injury.

Perhaps a parliamentary question might be asked about whether the ageing non-workers are malingering – or simply knackered. The answer to that should have a material impact on Lucy Neville-Rolfe’s exam answer.

Thanks to Sonia Rach of FT Adviser who picked up and shared this information.


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2 Responses to The state pension age for those who can work no longer.

  1. Richard Chilton says:

    There are quite a lot of healthy older people who simply don’t fancy working any longer. They know they have enough to live on from savings, rental income or taking DB or DC pensions early.

    Many of the job vacancies are in jobs with a physical element, on relatively low pay and/or with anti-social hours and limited holidays. Not very appealing if you have already got enough money.

    • henry tapper says:

      Singing- ‘I’ve been working on the railroad- all the live long day- I’ve been working on the railroad- just to pass the time away- must update!

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