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A typical value for money assessment

Each year I report on the activities of Independent Governance Committees and their little sisters the Governance Advisory Arrangements. IGCs and GAAs are in place to keep  the providers of contract based pension saving schemes honest. They are well funded because they are required by the FCA. They are important because they protect consumers from poor practice and promote good practice.

If IGCs and GAA reports are ignored, they will be downgraded and lose their point. This would be a shameful backward step in UK pension governance.

Which is why I keep reporting on IGCs and GAAs as I have done since they were first introduced in 2015-16.

So far this year, I have received one IGC report – sent me by Vanguard. There is no way to find out when and where the others are published so I rely on google and word of mouth.

If you are in charge of promoting your  IGC’ annual report, I would be grateful if you could send a link to it (or the PDF) to henry@agewage.com

I will find all reports and provide my usual analysis by the end of October, I cannot promise I will like your report, but I can promise I will review it without prejudice.

Here is the market of reports and how it has performed in recent years. If you would like to see the analysis for previous years – please mail me.

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