Sole trustees, MNTs – LCP ; double bubble playpen trouble! 10.30 today


REMINDER šŸŸ£ TOMORROW – Pension PlayPen Coffee Morning – Today 13 September at 10.30am

Steve says “At our next Coffee Morning we are delighted that Ā andĀ Nathalie SimsĀ fromĀ LCP will be presenting their findings from their recent Trustee survey”.

I say, double bubble Playpen trouble with two top LCP Partners.

Steve says “With an explosion in the professional trustee market, LCP share their insight and the findings of their survey ahead of its release, including why these appointments are becoming more popular and what the future might look like. Is Sole trusteeship becoming even more popular?

I say, “what caused the explosion in the professional trustee market and was anyone hurt?

Steve says
Guy Opperman also wants to consult on the possibility of removing MNT’s altogether to effectively leave Governance to the professionals! Would this work? If you are an MNT do you welcome this?

I say, “without MNTs will there be anyone left to sell to at PLSA conferences?”

If you are a Funder, Independent Trustee, or Sole Trustee…what do you think?

Steve says “Again this should be a lively debate with some interesting questions!”

I say –Ā ā¬‡ļø

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