Online pension scams are a daily problem and cost us £1bn+

One of the things that endears Martin Lewis to the nation is his empathy with the victim. It’s something that politicians could and should learn from him.

We all know of pension scams, I have written of a few and participated in some initiatives to raise awareness. I find it very hard to understand what the position that Kwasi Kwarteng is hoping to achieve. What is the public benefit of not including online  scams , including online pension scams, in the Online Safety Bill?

The still recent ban on cold calling , introduced by Darren Cooke, has deterred  some , but sadly the hardened fraudsters have not moved on. Meanwhile many people will still not pick up the phone for fear.

The web  has become a digital minefield where fingers (rather than feet) can trigger “the destruction of lives and mental health”.

Denying this , on the grounds that it doesn’t happen to people in their everyday lives, suggests that those around Kwasi Kwarteng are as out of touch with everyday experience as those in Downing Street over the past two years.

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  1. Richard Chilton says:

    I think we need to distinguish between online pension scams and other types of online scams. I have never received a scam approach about my pensions, online or in other ways. The figures published by Action Fraud also show proportionately very low numbers. Other types of online scam are another matter. I sometimes get a few investment scam approaches a day. Some of these declare they are from Martin Lewis, who is reasonably annoyed about the matter.

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