AgeWage – what is it about?

People saving for their retirement need help.

Pension risk is now taken by savers – not  insurers or plan sponsors. Savers are presented with tough choices which they are not prepared for; and  Middle Britain does not take advice.

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AgeWage analyses millions of people’s data from  pension providers and turns it into one meaningful metric – the AgeWage score – that tells us  how our pensions have done

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This authoritative measure is created by benchmarking  the outcomes of our lifetime savings using a AgeWage’s Morningstar index. The algorithm is our unique IP.

We have found an eager market for these scores amongst UK pension providers

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and many large employers and their trustees, now use our scores to understand the value they and their staff get for their money.


AgeWage is already a viable and self-sustaining business serving these blue-chip customers.

Now we want to talk to their policyholders, members and staff. These people know nothing about their pension savings.

But they are keen to know where their money is invested and want to make sure it’s invested responsibly. We can and will help them.

They are keen to find their lost pensions; the ABI estimate £20bn. of our pension money has gone missing. The DWP estimate that unless we improve data management, there will be 50 million lost pots by 2050. We can and will help people find and aggregate their pension pots

They are keen to provide themselves with a wage in retirement and make their money work as hard as they have done. We can and will help them turn their pension pots into an AgeWage , a wage in later age.

With the help of the providers and corporates who provide our current client base, we can engage their millions of savers into users of the AgeWage app.

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Our confidence of success has increased as a result of Covid19.

We expect to see savers demanding better access to the products they need to insure against the risks of losing financial independence in later years.

Screenshot 2020-04-01 at 15.49.58AgeWage has a strong and stable management team . It raised £500,000 pre-revenue and is now seeking further funds.

It  entered the FCA’s sandbox as part of cohort 6 and is now directly authorised to introduce business to third parties.



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  1. John Mather says:

    Henry, your project is on its way to giving pensioners the tools that they need to make informed decisions as the full advice business sector struggles under the weight of regulation and declining revenues. However, an important element to consider in retirement is jurisdiction and its impact on wider wellbeing. Halving the individuals cost of living and releasing capital without borrowing from your house has the same impact as more than doubling the pension pot

    Keep up the good work

    • John Mather says:

      As an IFA in the U.K. 90% of the work was unrelated to the final pension action and unpaid. I reversed that by being paid for the important structuring of a clients total well being so charges on product can be at the institutional level that most pundits are obsessed with. One reason why the majority of my clients and myself have AgeWage scores over 95

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