We got to see sunshine after the rain!

sunshine after the rain

Bluebirds flying over the mountain again?

Well not quite – this is the Thames valley, but I did see a yellow wagtail bobbing beside the boat around 6 am!

A few hours later my intrepid crew turned up – looking for the boat..

first sight of the boat

and this blog is for the first intrepid crew of the year (with a hat-tip to last week’s crew who had to be delayed due to engine problems)!

It was a day for wrapping up warm..

our fine crew (taken by Andrew)

Picnic lunch in Eton

It had been a four hour trip down the river but our crew kept smiling – and had a chance to put their feet up on the long reaches between Windsor and Maidenhead.

and a chance for the skipper to clean Lady Lucy’s dirty bottom

The dark skies closed in on our way back from our picnic in Eton

The Dartford wiper

We didn’t quite get the sunshine all day. But we got home safely and thanks to Ian and Andrew for putting the boat to bed for me!


And thanks to Lindsey for sending me this link to her photos and this handmade video

Like what you see?

If you would like to organise a party on Lady Lucy – up to 5 till May 17th and up to 11 after, then you need to book using the link below. The boat is not for hire – you come as my guests and no money is required.  All we need is your good company and a picnic!


You can book a day or a weekend on Lady Lucy here.


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  1. Derek Scott says:

    Good of you to invoke memories of Elkie Brooks whom we last saw perform at Byre in the Botanics in St Andrews in 2017. The Salford Pearl’s still a great singer.

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