Follow Sage Advice and keep an eye out for the Actuary

Sage advice

It may not have got the headlines of Frankie on Palace Pier (below) but keen followers of the turf will have wondered that Actuary was beaten into fourth place in a Cork Maiden by Sage Advice.

The favorite, Simply A Breeze tried to make light of heavy conditions but was weighed down by top weight proving that punting rarely is.

Way back in the field were Complete Fiction and Sheer Bravado

complete fiction

Which would have pleased the regulator.

I will certainly be following Sage Advice and won’t be deserting Actuary on this showing.  This race should have been sponsored by the Pensions Regulator.



Palace Pier and Frankie Dettori win at Deauville

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  1. Phil says:

    Hi Henry
    I’ve been reading articles for a few weeks now and I realise I am not educated enough to know if I am doing the best for my (or my partner’s) pension. But now having read about scammers, IFAs who charge astronomic fees or recommend products that enrich them and do little for the client and so on I have no idea where to go to get proper advice. Are you able to suggest where I might make a start? Thanks

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