The impact of the Australian bushfires

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If anything good comes out of the Australian bushfires, it will be an understanding of their impact on our planet . There are still those in Australia who claim that the bushfires could have happened at any time, but the voices of reason, the voices of science, are being heard.

For an independent commentary on matters Australian, I tune into Radio Cumbo -Jo’s twitter feed as she is in the country over Christmas and promotes an independent view that I trust.

The rest of this blog is given over to Bodie Ashton, an Australian micro-blogger who in gobbets of 280 characters, leads us down a pathway of understanding.

This kind of journalism comes not from a Bloomberg or an FT, but from a mild-mannered guy who has caught the mood in the way of Greta Thunberg

People are listening to him rather than their Prime Minister

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