Shaking up pensions with Quietroom

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Early this morning , I’ll be up the Farringdon Road with Quietroom, shaking up pensions. I’ve just looked at the agenda

If we want to get folks fired up about pensions, we need to start doing things differently.

That’s the theme for the latest event from award-winning communications experts Quietroom. It’s aimed at anyone in pensions who wants to improve engagement – and it’s all about fresh thinking.

About the Event

We’ll hear from people who’ve solved similar problems to ours in other sectors – they’ll share what they’ve learned about motivating people to change the way they eat, exercise and work.

We’ll bring some new voices into the room, people who know something we don’t and whose ideas we need to hear.

Together we’ll come up with some practical ways to get better results – for ourselves and for the people whose futures we shape.

Pension people cannot change by looking at each other, we need to look outside and compare ourselves to people who’ve been shaking it up elswewhere. The people I’ll be hearing from this morning will (I hope) give me some perspective.

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This is not the first time Quietroom have done this. You can read the fruits of a previous “shake up” here.

Or – if like me – you like to listen and watch – here’s Vince introducing the last event

Well done Quietroom

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3 Responses to Shaking up pensions with Quietroom

  1. Mark Scantlebury says:

    Thank you Henry! Mark


  2. alan chaplin says:

    I wonder if anyone from the ABI is going? Their recent campaign has the obligatory social media cute animals but the supporting material is awful. I recommended quiet room to them but doubt they have taken that up 😉

  3. henry tapper says:

    There was someone ex ABI but now at MAS.

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