“All based on FE” – 120 seconds of Ralfey trip-hop

allbased on JR

John Ralfe is a very clever man. He is a Financial Economist. What he says and does is “all based on FE”.

His brain is so big and his beard so perfectly cut that he has spawned a RalfeBot.

RalfeBot is his master’s voice – a digital echo of the thoughts of the Master.

Ralfebot is digitally accomplished and has collected his master’s voice onto 140 seconds of hip hop

Mike Otsuka (the Bazooka) is also a clever man. I suspect that he has insights into the symbiotic relationship between Jon and his Bot.


I am learning to understand and submit to Jon and his Bot – it is hard for me as I am an idiot and it’s all based on FE

all based on FE

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