The value of geography

I am not a geographer, I didn’t get the O-level – a little like Hilary Salt, I thought it something that PE teachers taught to fill in their curriculum.

But then a couple of years ago , my son, whose opinion I value, said he wanted to study Geography at college and I had to reappraise. This is how his university advertises its Geography course to prospective students.

Geography is one of the most exciting subjects to study at university. We live in an interdependent world caught up in chains of events which span the globe. We depend upon an increasingly fragile physical environment, whose complex interactions require sophisticated analysis and sensitive management

A long way from the preconceptions of Hilary and myself.

An interdependent world

Yesterday, as a result of the bizarre coincidences created by social media, I published a blog created by geographers which drew this fine statement

and thanks for this acerbic gem


It has indeed been a long week

A week ago I was with my mother, the morning after my father’s death. I am nervous about talking about the loss of my father as I am unclear I properly understand my own feelings. He was and will probably remain – the guiding force in my life.

When I read Gail’s tweet, something clicked and I fealt comfortable again. It was not just my father who came to mind, but my son. There is something in the spirit of her tweet , that showed me the way forward! Thanks Gail.

The week ended with me in Cambridge watching the CUAFL Cuppers Final between Fitzwilliam and Girton at the Grange Road rugby pitch (a haunt of mine when I was at Selwyn in the 1980s).

The match took place in pouring rain, on an old fashioned pitch more suitable for an army assault course. Fitz won 6-1 (having been 5-0 up at half time.

Here’s Girton’s celebration of their last minute goal!

Brilliant fun. I drove back to London very proud that the last goal came from Girton!

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