Probably the best watched pension video ever

Pension bee 2

How did a pension company who nobody’s ever heard of create a pension video that’s had 25,000 views in two days?

Here’s how;

the company’s Pension Bee, the subject “how to transfer your pension away from Aegon”

“It’s your money, but the boys and girls in suits at Aegon, think otherwise”.

It seems that Aegon in the Netherlands have been watching – and more bizarrely “liking” what they’ve seen!

aegon 2

If I was Ian Pittaway, Chair of Aegon’s IGC – I’d be looking up Adrian Grace’s telephone number.

If I was Aegon’s CEO, Adrian Grace – I’d be worried!

But then I’m not Adrian and I’m not Ian and I’m very glad of it.



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4 Responses to Probably the best watched pension video ever

  1. Simon Grover says:

    Here’s probably the second best-watched pension video ever – and it’s not trying to sell something!

  2. henry tapper says:

    HA HA Simon! Well that video has appeared on this blog many times, it is a work of genius but do you really think it’s not an advert? Since I’ve been using it to promote your company’s good work, I’d say it was! What rocks about Romi Savova and pension bee is that they , like Quietroom, are run by people who give a sh*t. So I’ll tip my hat to you, but give the prize to Pension Bee!

  3. Richard Harris says:

    I’m not sure why Pension Bee are picking on Aegon in particular?
    I’ve just completed a seamless and effortless transfer from Aegon to Hargreaves Lansdowne.
    No fuss, one simple HL form.

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